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Who is Astec Global?



ASTEC GLOBAL is along time international and multidisciplinary boutique consulting firm, specializing in the implementation of public policies and development cooperation, in particular in the Digital For Development (D4D) field. We offer contextual solutions aimed at improving living conditions in Europe as well as for the Global South.



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Digital for development expertise

Over the past three decades, ASTEC has continuously provided the necessary skills and expertise to clients looking to develop strategies to maintain and create a competitive edge in a global business environment. Commitment, practicality and quality are the important characteristics of the ASTEC philosophy that has allowed the organisation to develop and maintain solid working relationships with the International Financial Institutions such as the World Bank, the EC and the EBRD


ASTEC works in a number of Digital 4 Development (D4D) fields including:

•  Connectivity and telecom infrastructures

•  Digital legal and regulatory frameworks

•  Digital Skills, Training & Capacity Development

•  e-Services including Banking and Fintech, Education, Rural Development, Environment, Justice & Border Security and Public Services

• New tech such as AI, Blockchain, 5G, Big Data, Virtualisation, IoT, eID, etc.

• Sustainable Green Tech (digital) and Twin Transition

• and more generally in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & Digital Transformation (DT)